This Tuesday, July 14, Irvine’s City Council will weigh in on moving forward with its Community Choice Energy Program. Surfrider supports CCE programs and asks its members and volunteers to take action by joining this important conversation.

What Is Community Choice Energy?

Community choice energy (also referred to as community choice aggregation) is a partnership between the city and the utility (SoCalEdison or SDG&E).

How Does It Work?

The city forms a joint powers authority (JPA) to purchase the power supply. The utility continues to deliver the power over their power lines and handle the billing. It is truly consumer choice — customers may opt-out and return to the utility at any time.

Benefits of a Community Choice Energy Model:

  • Local Control
  • Pro-active approach towards rising energy costs (SDGE prices set to increase by 28%)
  • Savings goes back to consumer/community versus an investor owned utility
  • Choice in energy (renewables)
  • Aligning with California Renewable Portfolio Standard targets: 33% by 2020, 40% by 2024, 52% by 2027 and 60% by 2030

How to Take Action

Tap on the link below to leave an ecomment in support of Irvine’s Community Choice Energy Program. Tell us what’s on your mind. Your comments and information will become part of the official public record. If you do not want your personal information included in the official record, do not complete that field.

When: July 14, 2020 at 4:00pm PDT

If you have any questions related to eComment, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 949-724-6205 or via email at