Stay Trashy, San Clemente!

Help Ban The Bag In San Clemente!

This February, the Coastal Advisory Commission is getting ready to propose a Plastic Bag Ban in San Clemente and Surfrider is behind them 100%!

1. Plastics don’t biodegrade. Instead of decomposing, plastics break down into small particles that persist in the ocean, absorb toxins, and can enter our food chain through fish, sea birds, and other marine life.
2. Bags require a lot of non-renewable resources to make. The number of plastic bags produced in the United States annually requires the equivalent of 12 million barrels of oil per year and an unknown amount of natural gas. In California alone, nearly 20 billion bags are used yearly and most end up in landfills or as litter.
3. Municipalities spend millions in cleanup. Our state spends $25 million/year to send discarded plastic bags to landfills. Couldn’t our money be spent on something better?

What Can You Do? Help us illustrate to City Council members how bad the problem really is!
1. Download the Instagram app from your Apple or Android phone.
2. Next time you spot plastic bag trash anywhere in San Clemente, take a picture and post it to Instagram with the tag #staytrashysanclemente. We’ll take all the images tagged to share with the commission.

Want to do even more? Download the free JogaIM mobile messaging app to your phone (itunes search “jogaim”) and help spread the word about Surfrider initiatives to your friends!