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Culiminating several years of activisim and outreach by Surfrider, concerned citizens, and other grassroots organizations, The TCA’s effort to build a toll road through Trestles and San Onofre State Park was thwarted on Dec 18, 2008 when the Federal government (via the Secretary of Commerce), deemed the road inconsistent with environmental laws.

Surfrider continues to keep an eye our Park and surrounding watershed. We are steadfast in our belief that a toll road doesn’t belong in a watershed that contains a popular park, sacred Native American sites, and some of the last open space we have in Southern California!

We continue to attend the TCA’s public board meetings and we are present at any regulatory meetings the TCA goes to. Rest assured, Surfrider and our Coalition partners (CA State Parks Foundation, NRDC, Sierra Club, Endangered Habitat League and others) will make sure our Park and watershed remains intact.

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