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Laguna Beach Balloon Ban

02 • 21 • 2023

Laguna Beach Balloon Ban

What goes up needs to come down! Remove balloons from sales, releases and use in Laguna Beach.

Lighter than air mylar and latex-based balloons are sold in few retail establishments in Laguna Beach. They, along with strings and gender reveal confetti, pose multiple threats to the beach environment, animals and sea life and humans. This plastic pollution from improperly released or disposed of balloons indirectly impacts the City’s economy when it becomes beach litter.

A number of businesses who rely on a clean, healthy beach and ocean environment such as destination marketing, hotels, event marketers, restaurants, sportfishing and whale watching are in support of implementing an ordinance in Laguna Beach. This, alongside numerous leading environmental organizations including Surfrider Foundation and the South Orange County Chapter.

Balloons that are intentionally or non-intentionally released to the skies are notorious for returning to the earth to litter marine and terrestrial environments alike. Specifically, mylar balloons pose a threat to power lines and may spark fires harming environment, people, homes and businesses. Latex-based balloons have additives, plastic strings, etc. that slow their degradation and can harm wildlife.

Just like we have passed laws to reduce plastic pollution items in Laguna Beach such as single use grocery bags, styrofoam, and increased food service single use ordinances, we call on the city of Laguna Beach to pass an all-inclusive ban on retail sales, release and use of balloons in Laguna Beach. The second and final reading on February 21, 2023 enacts the ordinance,the first of its kind in Orange County., which the City will phase in over nine months.