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Community Choice Energy

What Is Community Choice Energy?

Community choice energy (also referred to as community choice aggregation) is a partnership between the city and the utility (SoCalEdison or SDG&E).


How Does It Work?

The city forms a joint powers authority (JPA) to purchase the power supply. The utility continues to deliver the power over their power lines and handle the billing. It is truly consumer choice — customers may opt-out and return to the utility at any time.


Benefits of a Community Choice Energy Model:

  • Local Control
  • Pro-active approach towards rising energy costs (SDGE prices set to increase by 28%)
  • Savings goes back to consumer/community versus an investor owned utility
  • Choice in energy (renewables)
  • Aligning with California Renewable Portfolio Standard targets: 40% by 2024, 52% by 2027 and 60% by 2030

Ready to Take Action?

Contact Amy Foell Community Choice Energy Campaign Chair, Surfrider Foundation SOC